Zoë Bestel

Zoë Bestel

Having Zoë Bestel at the Belfast Ukulele Festival this year is a real treat!
Zoë Bestel is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter and ukulele player known for her mesmerizing vocals and heartfelt compositions. Her unique blend of folk, pop, and Celtic influences has captivated audiences around the world.

Ethereal vocals, poignant melodies and stirring lyrics describes 25 year old award winning Scotland based nu-folk musician, Zoë Bestel, hailed as one of the country’s most fascinating young singer-songwriters. As well as numerous BBC radio and TV performances, Bestel has captivated audiences across Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, and the Czech Republic, with festival highlights including Orkney Folk Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, and Celtic Connections.

Whether you’re a fan of Zoë Bestel’s music or simply eager to explore new horizons on the ukulele, her presence at the festival promises to be a highlight.

“Audiences are fast catching up with the fact that, in Bestel’s hands, the ukulele shrugs off its stereotypical comedy baggage and becomes the instrument of choice for one of Scotland’s most fascinating young singer-songwriters.” – The National

Arlo Anwin


We’re really excited to welcome the multi-talented musician Arlo Anwin to this year’s festival!

Arlo’s ability to create a unique and beautiful sound using a variety of instruments, found sounds, loops, and inspiring artifacts is truly remarkable. His approach to music is innovative and experimental, pushing the boundaries of traditional instrumentation and embracing the vast potential of sonic exploration.

Composer and performer Arlo Anwin has quickly made a name for himself composing and creating with the ukulele, crafting unique sounds and textures. Recognised for using loop-stations and ukulele to build and engaging and transformative performance of stunning instrumental music; he jumps from out and out virtuosity to the most subtle and minimal touch. His unique approach to the uke has attracted the support of loop-station leaders BOSS and the request for contributions to ukulele grade exams.

Arlo Anwin has enjoyed a bumper year of commissions from everything from animations to film soundtracks. Even in the most cinematic setting Arlo chooses to put the ukulele at the Fore.

If you like to be inspired and wowed in equal measure, then be sure not to miss Arlo in concert!

Emer Maguire

Compére Extra-Ordinaire!

We’re so please to welcome back (by popular demand!!) the wonderful Emer Maguire!

Emer is passionate about communication and presenting. Emer is an international award winning science communicator, and a double Irish Radio award-winning BBC presenter. She is a four time TEDx speaker, a conference and event MC, presenter of the podcast ‘Elementary My Dear’ and a musical comedian with a sold out Edinburgh Fringe run under her belt. Emer is also a qualified and practicing Speech and Language Therapist. In other words, she loves communicating in any way she can. With years of experience in a multitude of mediums, Emer is a communications expert. She has developed and delivered communication workshops for universities, private organisations and companies, and the public.